Making the paper bag less dull

Since the new year of 2016 a law in the Netherlands forbid retailers to give away plastic bags for free. The occasion are European environment standards. This bag ban was probably a good idea since the Dutch citizens are using 3 billion plastic bags a year. However it is not helping the customer service. So the [...]


When to post on social media

When is the most effective time to post something on social media? SumAll and SurePayroll’s blog researched this question. This is information is good to know because now you can make the most out of your post. Especially companies, they can use the information to get the maximum reach with their followers. 91% percent of the companies notice [...]

The Dove Legacy Campaign

With this blogpost I would like to share a video of Dove called "Legacy" which I saw a couple of days ago. Dove has a platform: the Dove Self-Esteem Project. The project focus on girls overcome beauty-related insecurities. Dove has made some videos in the light of the project to raise awareness like the evolution video which shows a women before [...]

Is Ello too good to be true?

One of the newest social media is 'Ello". Ello is so new that it is still in beta phase and you can only become a member by requesting an invitation. Once you're a member you can upload your status, pictures and react to the content of other people. Ello position themselves as the anti- Facebook. They want to be [...]

It’s a German

The Country of Origin Effect is described by Simon Anholt as ‘some countries- and Italy is a good example of this- add appeal to their export in a way that seems completely effortless.” (Anholt, competitve identity, 2007) According to Anholt the “Made in” label is just as important as the “Made by” label. For example, [...]

Why storytelling works

Storytelling is a popular way for brands to communicate with their audience. But what kind of impact and effect has it on the target audience? In what way differentiates storytelling with other kinds of communications? Dom Robertson states in his research that people are natural storytellers and that this is why Facebook, Twitter and blogging [...]