Logos and Characters: recognizing a brand without the name

Two other brand elements are logos and characters.


A logo is meant for increasing the brand awareness and is an important visual element for a brand. Also it can add some information about the brand.  A logo can contain word marks of the brands’ name, for example: Coca Cola. But a logo can also be a abstract design. These logos are often called symbols. Sometimes the role of a abstract logo is so big that a brand can be recognized  by only the  symbol and not the name. Like these brands:

playboy logolacoste

The Body Shop changed their logo two times. Changing a logo is not recommendable since it is not cheap. It takes about four to six months to (re)create a  logo and ‘usually cost one million dollar’. The logo of The Body Shop is round and green which represents the earth. It is a very simple and plain symbol but this suits The Body Shop since it’s all about recycle, nature and environment.

bodyshop 1976-1997logobodyshop 1997-2009the body shop present


Characters are also a special type of symbol but then in a human form. Characters can play a big role in advertising, packaging and brand awareness and also can play the role of spokesperson.  For the consumer it is easier to feel connected through a human then a abstract design. Ronald McDonald is an example of a character. He often appears in McDonald as statue or real life person and children want to go on a picture with him. There are a lot of brands who do not have a character. The Body Shops’ characters is their ambassador Lily Cole. She is an actress and model.

lily cole


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