Slogan, Mantra, Jingle and Packaging


A slogan is a short phrase with information about the brand. Slogans contribute to the brands’ awareness and image. Powerful slogans are:  “because you’re worth it” for L’Oreal and “Think different” for Apple. Though, sometimes a brand has multiple slogans. For example: Nike used different slogans for specific campaigns such as “Write the Future” for the Wold Cup or “Here I Am” a campaign for women.

The slogan for The Body Shop is: Beauty with Heart. Interesting is that, this is a new slogan. They launch their slogan “Beauty With Heart” a year ago. The Body Shop says that beauty goes further then only the outside. Their slogan can be seen on advertisements,  in the store and the website.

beauty with heart
A mantra is often confused with a slogan, because just like a slogan, a mantra is a very short phase that describes the brand. But the mantra is not used for advertising but helps the brand to focus. For example Disneys’ slogan is ‘where dreams come true” , their mantra is: “fun family entertainment. The mantra of The Body Shop is: Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.
Jingles are a short music fragment written around the brand. When advertising was for most part on the radio, Jingles were very important. The Body Shop doesn’t have a jingle. They use different music with different advertisings.
Packaging is the last brand element. It’s essential and design of the packaging are very important because people recognize the brand because of the packaging, like the green bottle of Heineken. The good packaging can have a strong appeal on the consumer and stand out between other products.  The Body Shop packaging are quite simple but they stand out because of the bright colors. The Body Shop minimized the package because that is better for the environment. They recycle the packaging and try to motivate the costumer to recycle as well.

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