Creativity with the Next Generation

How are the youngsters, who work in the creative branch, being influenced by the new media/ industry? This question was answered by last week event “Creative Amsterdam Update:  Creativity & Generation Next” in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Where five  people under the thirty discussed this matter with the public.


The creative director of JWT Metro in Georgia, Giorgi Popiashvili had an unexpected opnion. He stated that you should focus on things that don’t change. Personally I was surprised, because the nowadays industry is constantly innovating. A lot of people want to be a head of the newest trends and hypes. He ended his presentation with a picture of his son, since in the end  family is the thing what matters the most.

Paper art

One of the guest speaker was Mandy Smith who is a paper artist.  She makes things completely out of paper. Things like houses or dresses.. or just entire commercials. With life going more and more digital, she missed working with her hands.  She told she gave up her job to became a paper artist, which was a big risk. A tip she gave to the audience, is that life is not only about work but that rest and having fun is essential. An example of a commercial with her lovely paper art:


Robert Volten begun his speech that when he was little he wanted to become a rockstar, but instead he became an account manager at TBWA and founder of RAUW. He went with his company to the awards Cannes Lions in Cannes (in the sunny south of  France). Orange Lions International Festival for Creativity is an award show in the branch communication and advertising. For him Cannes was inspiring environment.  Not only is this an important prize ceremony, but you can also follow seminars and workshops there.

Uber Sloep

Casper Oppenhuis de Jong works for Uber. Uber is a taxi company and you can order a taxi with an app on your phone. By adding your creditcard information to the app, you can order a taxi without having your wallet with you. They also started a taxi boat (called: Uber Sloep) which sails through the canals of Amsterdam. They came up with that idea when they were drunk. According to Casper the drunken ideas are the best ideas. I don’t know if that is true but it certainly is a cool concept. Check it out:

Three advices

Ramin Bahari is a creative at Tribal DDB. He made three advises and showed those advises to the audience with the help of Vine. For the ones of you who don’t know what Vine is; you can make short video’s and share them on Vine. Those video’s are max. 6 seconds. Very short, but people can do a lot of creative things with 6 seconds. His three advises where:

1. “Work on your copy skills, because you need them badly.”

2. ” Bring your passion in to your work, it will go a lot further and you will be happier too.”

3. “Creatives’ future has a got a entrepreneur spirit and is no longer waiting in his livings room for what the world throws at him.”


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