The Dove Legacy Campaign

With this blogpost I would like to share a video of Dove called “Legacy” which I saw a couple of days ago.

Dove has a platform: the Dove Self-Esteem Project. The project focus on girls overcome beauty-related insecurities. Dove has made some videos in the light of the project to raise awareness like the evolution video which shows a women before and after photoshop.


This time Dove created again a beautiful campaign in cooperation with Ogilvy.

In the first part of the video mothers are asked to write down the parts of the body that they hate and like they the most about themselves. After that the daughters also write down their insecurities and parts they love about themselves. Surprise, mother and daughter wrote down exactly the same things. The conclusion is that daughters take over their mothers’ self image.

Though, Adweek made a interesting comment that Dove shows that women are not a victim of advertising or a sexist environment but women are their own enemies. ( I think Adweek has a good point. And also: why focus only on young girls and not young boys because it doesn’t apply less for them? Besides I also would like to point out that Dove is not a charity but a brand with a really strong marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, I like the videos and the mission of Dove’s campaign.

See the touching ‘Legacy” video here:


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