When to post on social media

timing is everything

When is the most effective time to post something on social media? SumAll and SurePayroll’s blog researched this question. This is information is good to know because now you can make the most out of your post. Especially companies, they can use the information to get the maximum reach with their followers. 91% percent of the companies notice an increase of awareness caused by the use of social media.

A short summary and overview about when you should share something on social media or when it is better to wait.


Do post: Between 1pm and 4pm especially on Wednesdays
Do not post: Saturday and Sunday before 8am and after 8pm


Do post: Between 1pm and 3pm especially on Monday- Thursday
Do not post: Everyday after 8pm or on Fridays after 3pm.


Do post: Tuesday- Thursday between 5pm and 6pm
Do not post: Monday and Friday

What strikes me is that people are busy with social media in the afternoon. Maybe because in the morning they are very busy with work but later on start to check their social media more often.

The company Mention researched when your company has to best chance to be mentioned online and made an infographic (below). They looked at the languages, the message, platforms and the days. Over the past two years they kept track about 200.000 alerts created by brands and analyzed one billion copies where companies were mentioned.

They came with the conclusion that mentions of customers are most of the time customer service related questions. It is important to have a strategy for non- english languages on social media, however English is the most spoken one. Thursday is the day when companies are mentioned the most and Monday the least.



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