The rise of Instagram

instagram filters

Last month Instagram became the second most popular social medium with more than 300 million active users.* In nine months it grew with 50%. Though, Facebook is still on top with an astonishing 1.35 billion active users. Fun fact: the parent company of Instagram is Facebook. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for 1 billion dollars worth in cash and stock. Talking about making investments.. Statista made a predication that in 2018 more than 2.44 billon people will be active on social media.

Fresh Networks gave 5 reasons why Instagram is popular :

  • Simplicity
  • Social integration with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr
  • Photo Enhancement, every picture can look good
  • Application programming interface (API) that’’s being accessed by more than 2,500 applications
  • Instagram is a social network in its own right

Personally, I like to add that perhaps it also has to do with people preferring to visualize. Remember when we were kids and we liked books with images above books without images? Also comments on the internet suggest that Instagram is popular because most pictures are positive while people can complain in a status on Facebook or Twitter. Lastly, Facebook is losing their young members while Instagram is more popular among young people. An assumption is that the young users switch between the two social networks.

Tip: take a look at this blog: Craig Smith has listed more than 800 apps: FB messenger, snapchat, WEchat and how many users they have.

*LinkedIn also has more than 300 million users but these include non active members as well.


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