Making the paper bag less dull

Since the new year of 2016 a law in the Netherlands forbid retailers to give away plastic bags for free. The occasion are European environment standards. This bag ban was probably a good idea since the Dutch citizens are using 3 billion plastic bags a year. However it is not helping the customer service.

So the stores came up with alternatives like asking money for a plastic bag or switch to paper and canvas bags. Along with that solution came a trend; making an interesting statement or funny comment to attract attention of the customer. Some of them are becoming so familiar that you recognise the stores from the funny packaging. I think that in a way it replaces the logo or brand name of the shop which is normally placed on a bag.

For examples stores like The body shop and Lush have been creative with paper bags but also the canvas bags.

Who knew that the dull paper bag could be a trend?




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