How storytelling is used by brands

To describe how storytelling is being used by concept brands, I will be looking at three different concept brands: Coca Cola, Apple and Dove. Dove Dove started in 2004 a campaign called ‘real beauty’. Their message was that you have to embrace yourself and accept your flaws. In their commercials they used ‘real’ women instead [...]


The elements of storytelling

Corporate storytelling is where organizations tell about their past, present and future. They are translating their values into a story. (Michels, 2010). When I think about storytelling, I immediately think about the commercial of Johnnie Walker- the men who walked around the world. In the seven minutes commercial, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle walks through Scotland [...]

Creativity with the Next Generation

How are the youngsters, who work in the creative branch, being influenced by the new media/ industry? This question was answered by last week event "Creative Amsterdam Update:  Creativity & Generation Next" in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Where five  people under the thirty discussed this matter with the public. Family The creative director of JWT [...]