How storytelling is used by brands

To describe how storytelling is being used by concept brands, I will be looking at three different concept brands: Coca Cola, Apple and Dove. Dove Dove started in 2004 a campaign called ‘real beauty’. Their message was that you have to embrace yourself and accept your flaws. In their commercials they used ‘real’ women instead … Continue reading How storytelling is used by brands


The elements of storytelling

Corporate storytelling is where organizations tell about their past, present and future. They are translating their values into a story. (Michels, 2010). When I think about storytelling, I immediately think about the commercial of Johnnie Walker- the men who walked around the world. In the seven minutes commercial, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle walks through Scotland … Continue reading The elements of storytelling

Creativity with the Next Generation

How are the youngsters, who work in the creative branch, being influenced by the new media/ industry? This question was answered by last week event "Creative Amsterdam Update:  Creativity & Generation Next" in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Where five  people under the thirty discussed this matter with the public. Family The creative director of JWT … Continue reading Creativity with the Next Generation

Slogan, Mantra, Jingle and Packaging

Slogan A slogan is a short phrase with information about the brand. Slogans contribute to the brands' awareness and image. Powerful slogans are:  "because you're worth it" for L'Oreal and "Think different" for Apple. Though, sometimes a brand has multiple slogans. For example: Nike used different slogans for specific campaigns such as "Write the Future" … Continue reading Slogan, Mantra, Jingle and Packaging

Logos and Characters: recognizing a brand without the name

Two other brand elements are logos and characters. Logo A logo is meant for increasing the brand awareness and is an important visual element for a brand. Also it can add some information about the brand.  A logo can contain word marks of the brands' name, for example: Coca Cola. But a logo can also … Continue reading Logos and Characters: recognizing a brand without the name

What’s in a name?

A name of a brand is one of the brands elements. Other brand elements are logos, characters, slogans and jingles, packaging and signage. The beginning The Body Shop was established by the late Dame Anita Roddick in 1976 in Brighton, England. Dame Anita Roddick was inspired to open the shop when she visited a store … Continue reading What’s in a name?

What is a brand? Some definitions

What is a brand? Everyone has a different idea. So let's take a look at various definitions of experts and websites: Sarah Matista: “A brand is something very subjective. Since it is a set of associations – not something tangible like a logo – your brand can mean different things to different people based … Continue reading What is a brand? Some definitions