Why storytelling works

Storytelling is a popular way for brands to communicate with their audience. But what kind of impact and effect has it on the target audience? In what way differentiates storytelling with other kinds of communications? Dom Robertson states in his research that people are natural storytellers and that this is why Facebook, Twitter and blogging [...]

The elements of storytelling

Corporate storytelling is where organizations tell about their past, present and future. They are translating their values into a story. (Michels, 2010). When I think about storytelling, I immediately think about the commercial of Johnnie Walker- the men who walked around the world. In the seven minutes commercial, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle walks through Scotland [...]

Creativity with the Next Generation

How are the youngsters, who work in the creative branch, being influenced by the new media/ industry? This question was answered by last week event "Creative Amsterdam Update:  Creativity & Generation Next" in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Where five  people under the thirty discussed this matter with the public. Family The creative director of JWT [...]